What Is Dental Bonding Good For?

The process of tooth bonding is used for a few good reasons:

Improving a tooth gap.
Improving tooth discoloration.
Fixing and repairing chipped and cracked teeth.

Since the tooth bonding process is completed by the dentist with no use of molds or laboratory equipment, he relies strictly on his artistic ability to make sure the correct color match and shape of the tooth looks as real and natural as possible.

Bonding Procedure And What To Expect

The tooth bonding process is done in just one visit to the office and takes only 45 minutes or so:

  • Matching the correct risen with the best color shade is done first.
  •  Then a special adhering agent is applied to bond with the tooth.
  • The composite resin is applied to the teeth, smoothed into the desired shape and hardened with a high intensity light.
  • After the resin has hardened,  a few final touches are made and the teeth being treated are polished until they resemble the other teeth.

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